Women Entrepreneurs meet Global Counterparts

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Surya Uday Foundation powered by Amber Shanti Global and Small Business Association of Australia recently held a Women Entrepreneurs Meet in the Pink City.

Delegates from Australia met Women Entrepreneurs of Jaipur to talk about business prospects and forging association inter countries.

Surya Uday is working towards women empowerment issues,including health and education sectors also.

Headed by Shobhal Singh, Surya Uday has come a long way working on the issues related to women for past 15 years.

This program was an initiative by the organization to provide a platform to women entrepreneurs from small business groups to come forward,exhibit their specialty product-services & explore opportunities for expansion.

This meeting also provided an opportunity to both Australian and Indian Women Entrepreneurs for a one to one discussion & group interaction.

Nearly 60 Women Entrepreneurs from different areas of specialization attended this interesting meet to get useful insights.

They discussed business,entrepreneurship & ways that would make women more empowered in life.

Surya Uday shall be organizing more such interactive sessions in future with delegates from other countries too.

Ceo and President of Surya Uday Foundation,Shobhal Singh strongly feels that if you have to make a difference,enable more women to enter the work field and let them lead from the front, that’s the true empowerment.

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