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The soul has seven original positive qualities –Peace, joy, love, bliss, wisdom, purity and power.By meditation we create an awareness of ourselves as a soul, which leads to an experience of these qualities.

The non physical soul is closely connected with each cell of the physical body. These qualities of the soul flow as spiritual energy to each cell and nourish them.
This article does not tell you which is the best type of meditation, “THE BEST MEDITATION IS THE MEDITATION THAT WORKS FOR YOU AT THIS STAGE IN YOUR LIFE”.

Do you wish to start meditating; perhaps you have tried to start but simply couldn’t find the time to start or build up a discipline. If this is the case, let’s move on to build up a meditation habit.

Here are some tips for beginners to help you start & develop the habit of meditation. It will guide you to create triggers, setup small tweaks in your lifestyle to facilitate practice and remove obstacles and also increase your motivation.


  • DISCOVER YOUR TRUE VALUES– Your values in life are those things that you love to think about, read about, talk about and learn about, list five values that are most important in your life.
  • LINK MEDITAION TO YOUR VALUES – Let meditation practice help you excel in these values, these can be related to your career, parenting, artistic expression, social life and spirituality.
  • COMMIT TO A TIME, PLACE AND PRACTICE – Decide when, where and how you will meditate and speak to people you live with to make sure there will be no disturbance during your practice.
  • SET UP A TRIGGER AND REWARDS – Choose and implement one or two triggers to remind you of your routine and a reward for the practice.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE – Find a way to have public accountability in your practice via friends, social media or apps like coach me.
  • HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE – Commit to a never zero approach, success is your only option, focus on that.
  • HANG OUT WITH MEDITATORS – Join a meditation center or meet up, make friends with people who are meditating.

It’s now time to start; you now need to take a concrete step. Either go through those exercises now or set a date in your calendar to do it. It’s important to go through these exercises on paper or online. Once it is performed for 40 days in a row or for just 21 days, it becomes an automatic action of our life.

Famous saying of Aristotle – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit




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