They Are Us-An Initiative By Subodh Alumni Society

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With the beginning of the Christmas month,members of Subodh Alumni Welfare Society 92 Batch came together with Fortis Hospital in Jaipur for a very noble cause to spread happiness.

Alumni members wanted to make HIV affected kids feel special & delighted like any other children,hence they got in touch with Faith NGO & took support of Fortis Hospital for this effort.

They took a very unique and kind initiative to take 60 HIV affected Kids to a special screening of the latest movie ROBOT 2.0 at Inox Crystal Palm,Jaipur
Members of the alumni society & staff of Fortis Hospital were present to accompany these children for the show.

Also there were soul brothers & sisters of Faith NGO to celebrate the day with the kids.

Presence of family members of the Alumni Society added to the fun & they really enjoyed the time spent with these children.

During the interval of the film,when asked how they found the movie,children seemed very elated & charged.

Many of them were already Little Rajni Fans,few of them seemed carried away by stunts of Rajnikanth & Akshay Kumar in the movie.

Faith NGO keeps helping the society but it was for the first time that an Alumni Association has come forward and coordinated such a heart touching activity in Jaipur.
Mohit Jain,Secretary of Subodh Alumni Welfare Society 92 Batch said,”it will always be our endeavor to enhance joy & bring smiles for such special children by taking up such initiatives in future also“.

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