The Beast-US Presidential Limousine of Donald Trump in India

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US President Donald Trump is coming to India on 24 February 2020, before his first official state visit to India, his specially-designed car, nicknamed ‘The Beast‘ has already arrived in the country.

Beast is a Presidential Armoured Limousine,one of the most sophisticated vehicle of its kind on earth,manufactured by General Motors and used officially by the President of United States of America. Its a “massive and tall” car, which weighs between 15,000–20,000 pounds (6,800–9,100 kg) and has a capacity to seat seven people. Its cost is around US$1.5 million(approx-11 crore Indian Rupee).

This car has 8 inch thick (20 cm) doors, the doors have no keyhole, the way to open the passenger doors on this limousine is a secret known only to the Secret Service of US. Its windows are made of 5 layers of Glass & Poly-carbonate, only the driver’s window can open up to 3 inches.

This State Car has been built using military grade armour made from combination of steel,titanium,aluminium and ceramics. The vehicle is Bullet Proof, Blast Proof, Landmine Proof & also safe from any kind of Chemical or Nuclear Attack.

Beast is also equipped with pump-action shotguns, tear gas grenade launcher, fire fighting equipment, night vision camera, smoke screens & oil slick system to provide extra protection to its President.
It always carries the medical & oxygen supply,along with President’s Blood Type Bags for any kind of emergency.

President inside a Beast has a satellite phone hotline which is connected to Pentagon,White House & Vice President of the United States.

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