St.Edmund’s School-Jawahar Nagar

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St.Edmund’s School tries to follow the former system, as it allows the children to develop creativity, problem solving techniques, critical thinking and time management skills.

The idea is built upon the fact that children should develop and think differently. The school follows its own method to nurture them

montessori trained teachers for the Play Group. The atmosphere here is full of warmth, friendliness and security

The School instill a desire to learn and provide things and feed that desire. Basically hands on approach to learning

Being one of the top schools in Jaipur, they have a very spacious and up to date library for its students. There are more than 18,000 books in the library on various subjects

The school uses the latest technologies and has well equipped labs of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, Information Technology, Multimedia, Mathematics

In order to keep the students vital and energetic students are engaged in activities like Yoga, Aerobics, Cooking, Stitching, Dance & Music

Students of St.Edmund’s School have won several awards in sports activities like Skating, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Basketball, Volleyball

The school offers various co-curricular activities in the campus for the overall development of the students as well as the staff

St Edmund’s School includes the usage of 5 senses – kinetic movement, spatial refinement, small & gross motor skills, cooperation & concrete knowledge that leads to later abstraction

Students of St.Edmund’s contribute to the society and the environment according to their individual skill set and become Fulfilled Individuals in course of their time.
St.Edmund’s School
Sector 5, Jawahaar Nagar, Jaipur

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