Seminar For Happiness & Prosperity by FORTI

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“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present & Happiness ultimately leads to prosperity”, this was the message conveyed thru a seminar organised by FORTI Women Wing of Jaipur.

FORTI Women’s Wing,Jaipur Chairperson Mrs Ranoo Srivastava hosted this seminar & invited Astrologer & Meditation Expert Nirmala Sewani to talk on how to increase business, stay happy & healthy by meditation.

Usha Agarwal welcomed Nirmala Sewani, She said,”meditation is the key to unlocking the power of expression and visualization,it can help you create the reality that you want”.

Nirmala further added that focusing is certainly not limited to the physical aspects of life,it is a fundamental technology that allows you to restore,to make use of your health,to heal others,improve relationships & helps in spiritual growth.

Nitasha Chordia,Chairperson of FICCI Flo Jaipur was also present as the special guest of this Seminar. She was very glad to attend this event, as she learned a new way of looking at Happiness & Prosperity.

FORTI Women Wing members from different walks of life were present for this informative session. They practiced meditation, discovered the importance of prayer & peace.

At the end, Ranoo Srivastava asked the members to make their visualization emotional to bring better results through concentration,because the moment you align your mind with your soul, you start attracting prosperity. She added,”the universe in which we live is constantly growing,the more we respect our nature, the more we open ourselves for Happiness and Prosperity“.

Usha Agarwal, Harisha, Pratiksha, Prabha, Sujata, Shuchi, Dr. Banarasi, Meenakshi, Preeti, Poonam, Sadhana, Paarul Nagpal, Ritika, Richa, Parul Jain, Shitija, Raji, Nidhi, Suchitra, Meena, Rekha, Sushma, Kannu Mehta, Rupa Mehta, Shruti, Nupur, Poonam, Komal, Lalita, Neetu, Shweta, Aarti, Anita were also present at the ocassion.

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