Rajasthan’s Purest Folk & Art Festival Opens at Momasar

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Away from the mad rush of the urban city life, a 500-year-old village, a tiny hamlet of 15,000 residents, 250 km north-west of Jaipur and hardly 125 km from district headquarter Bikaner in Rajasthan, is hosting a 2 day festival of Folk Music & Art in its most purest form.

Momasar, which has earned a reputation of being the hub of cultural events, festivals and fairs in Rajasthan, is now welcoming people from across the globe to witness the richest art forms in Momasar Utsav 2019.

The melodious day 1 at the festival began from Sitar recital by Shyam Joshi and Pt. Hariharsharan Bhatt, followed by Bhajan Recital by Badriji & Shivji Suthar Group. Moreover devotional Songs on Jogia Saarangi by Mangilal Jogi & Group en-filled joy and devotion in the air.

It was also the day when Momasar Chaupal (Patawariji ki Haveli) witnessed the endangered music traditions. Folk Instrumental symphony by Surnaiya Langa and Musical Concert by Jumma Jogi & Group further added flavour to the evening.

When the sounds of Tarapi, an ancient aerophonic folk instrument made of Gourd reached the ears of audience, they exclaimed-‘Bhai waah ye to pehli baar yahin dekha hai’.

It was the moment when the ‘Kathodi tribe’ of Rajasthan was performing at the Momasar Utsav where along with Tarapi even instruments like Thalisar, Pawri, Tarpi, Tapra & Ghorlia mesmerized the audience. These instruments were created by artists from Udaipur district from their own hands.

Celebrations flow through the streets and narrow by-lanes of the entire town. Momasar festival is so structured that visitors mingle freely with artists and local residents, an enriching experience for all of them.

This event has been jointly organized by Jajam Foundation, Suravi Charitable Trust and Gemini Corporation NV Belgium.This year 200 artists & 10,000 people from over 30 villages, town and cities are going to be a part of this rich Festival.

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