Dhaba Kulture – Authentic Punjabi Food

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Talking about Dhaba Kulture, the ambience is purely Village Style. Food which is authentic North Indian Punjabi has been prepared by Chefs called from PUNJAB

          Uniquely Installed On the 1st Floor Exterior – Original Body of a Truck

Authentic Punjabi DHABA look as you enter this Smart Food Spot

Interiors has been done tastefully and that too in Dhaba Style

They have got khaats on the 1st Floor in an extremely spacious seating area.

An Actual Truck well in the middle of the restaurant with sitting for an entire family inside and also the swings.

For the more relaxed foodie, special village made Mattress along with low height Diwan Table.

Some of their Speciality is Soya Chaap, Dhaba Kulture Thali, Sarso Da Saag & Makke Di Roti. Food Quantity, Quality and Presentation is Really Good.

Sarson Ka Saag is very Delicious, Tempting and Fulfilling on your Stomach.

Traditional Punjabi Chaach & Lassi before or along with the Meal will add to your Delightment.

Soya Chaap blended with perfect amount of Chaat Masala is really Tangy. It also has little stuffing to complement your expectations.

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