ALL Ladies League(ALL)-Meet & Greet Event

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ALL Ladies League(ALL) Rajasthan & Jaipur Chapter hosted their Meet & Greet Event recently at Hotel Wall Street,Jaipur.

Dr.Teenna Sawhney,Rajasthan State Chapter Chairperson and Dr.Anita Gautam,Jaipur Chapter Chairperson welcomed all the members for a session on creating awareness to save the environment & its flora-fauna.

ALL Rajasthan Chapter Chairperson Dr.Teenna Sawhney did orientation. She said”at present there are little spaces for animals in India because population keeps growing at a fast pace.Hence it is important to educate people about animal rights and environment,their welfare being of utmost importance for sustainable development”.

A presentation was given by Raksha,an NGO working for the cause of wildlife and environmental issues for the past 15 years, on how to save birds and animals by simple ways.

A talk on Skin Care was also delivered by Ms Nayanika Birla to ALL Members, wherein she gave many useful tips to save the skin from impact of changing weather.

ALL Ladies League(ALL) is the fastest growing international network and movement of inspiring,open hearted women from ALL parts of the world.

ALL Ladies League(ALL) is working with a spirit of oneness and adherence to the code of conduct under the able leadership of Dr.Harbeen Arora.
Ladies from different walks of life,who are progressive in their respective fields,are part of ALL Ladies League(ALL).

Dr.Anita Gautam,ALL Jaipur Chapter Chairperson thanked the speakers for their wonderful sharing and the guests for gracing the occasion.


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