A CHR-CHA to spread awareness on a sustainable Future for Fashion

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CHR-CHA at ARCH College of Design & Business is a knowledge exchange platform where fashion stalwarts come together at one place to spread awareness on a sustainable future for fashion. The goal is to bring together bright minds to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter.
Arch CollegeThis time Chr-Cha was focused on design thinking & methods that reformulates the perspective for academia and industry. Members of the Panel were Rajneesh Bhandari, Founder Cosmo Infrasolutions. He is a first-generation serial entrepreneur, Rajneesh has promoted four successful ventures in Telecommunications, Engineering Materials, Medical Diagnostics and Gems.
Dilnawaz Khan,the Founder and Chief Evangelist at Codesign Labs. He is also a Consultant & Mentor to a lot of technology startups.
Prof. Biljana Jovik,the Faculty of Forestry Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture at the University of Belgrade.
Chandan Ganotra,the program manager of the Innovation Lab at Tinkerly.
Archana Surana, Founder and Director of ARCH College of Design & Business.
Arch College
Rajneesh Bhandari emphasised on the theme and said disruption is not just about great product design, it is about business model innovation. Archana Surana further said that the rental garment model has become very now. It is a disruptive model that leads to exchange of energies. Prof. Biljana Jovic said geometry and signals help the world connect so simply and strongly that we don’t even need language there and the merging of various technology domains is what really leads to Innovation.

To understand fashion and its trend, it is necessary to understand what surrounds us. It is our culture, heritage and society which is our surrounding and that influence our lifestyle. Following this ARCH College of Design & Business will host an international research colloquium Fashion Colloquia in January 2020 based on the theme Heritage, Stories of Change, Our shared future.
Arch College
Fashion Colloquia 2020 in Jaipur will bring forward themes with relevance to the specific location. It will allow varied different sets of contributions to be added and explored, within a responsible and interdisciplinary frame and the context to invest in a shared and sustainable future for fashion.

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