In Limelight-Smart Personality of Jaipur-Kirti Rathore

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Our segment-Smart Women Icons, will unfold stories about Women who have created a niche for themselves by venturing out & breaking free in a male dominated society.
Kindly Note-We are not ranking women in any manner who will be featured here in this story series named-Smart Women Icons.

Our next Smart Woman Icon is a Jaipur based Celebrity Fashion Designer & Stylist, who specializes in customized tailoring for men, infect she is the only female designer for men in Jaipur-Kirti Rathore.

Born in a Rajput family, Kirti belongs to the Naruka clan that ruled Alwar, but no way did this blue blood in her veins influence her profession. In fact no one in the family could see a budding fashion designer in little Kirti.

She didn’t pursue any Fashion Designing Course, she is a post graduate in English Literature & an MBA. Her Passion for Fashion led her to start designing & stiching clothes after 5 years of her marriage, that too from a small room of her home.

In Jaipur, her label “Kirti Rathore” is synonymous with quality & now she has an exclusive studio in Mumbai & Delhi as well. Her mission is to showcase her brand on the world map of fashion industry in cities like Paris, Milan & London.

She has been showcasing her brand “Kirti Rathore” on various National & International Fashion Shows and her exclusive designer work for Men has earned her a distinct identity in the Fashion World.

Kirti tries to do her shows with a social cause to spread awareness and connect people on a bigger level with that issue. She has taken up causes like HIV Positive, Women Empowerment & Save Girl Child thru her Fashion Shows. She believes that joining fashion with a purpose will definitely bring a positive change in the society.

Kirti also takes Pride when she is recognized for bringing traditional fashion wear in the Kids Segment to the forefront. She is always a Proud Presenter in Kids Fashion Week.

Apart from doing her regular job, Kirti Rathore has designed clothes for Super Star Amitabh Bachchan,which he wore in a special episode of KBC and also for many other Bollywood Celebrities like Ajay Devgan, Varun Dhawan, Boney Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Late Sridevi, Kareena Kapoor & Anushka Sharma.

She has been recognized as the “Women of Substance” for being only female designer exclusively for men’s clothing, she got national award for “Young Achiever of the Year” in the field of Fashion Designing & also the Kurjaan Award for being proud “Beti of Rajasthan“.

Although occupied in a Glamour Industry, Kirti is a very Religious & Family Person by heart, she never misses a chance to be a part of all important festival rituals at home.

She also celebrates & cherishes all small & big achievements with her adorable kids & her team.

Whether its an Annual Function of a School, a Women Car Rally, a Poetry Recital Session, a Fashion Walk, a Musical or Theater show Kirti Rathore is also being invited as a Guest of Honour to grace various occasions.

Whenever she gets a chance, Kirti makes it a point to share her experience, give tips & orientation to upcoming young talents of the Fashion Industry.

Kirti Rathore is also a dedicated Social Activist and believes in giving back to the society. She always gives a message to every woman to be independent and encourages them to make a difference in the society.

Why we call Kirti Rathore a Smart Woman Icon is also the fact that she showed courage & took initiative to bring out the True Story of Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh very recently through a live theater play called JAUHAR, which was accepted & appreciated a lot by every individual who saw it, including the Rajput community.
From being a simple Housewife, to becoming a famous Fashion Designer & now a Theater Artist, She has chartered the difficult paths with Strength & Grace.

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